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About is your independent resource for information related to installing solar panels on your home.

There’s a lot to love about going solar. It can help you cut down, if not eliminate, your electricity bills. It can enable you to be energy independent (if you get a battery backup system with your panels). And, they’ll power your home using clean, green energy that’s great for the environment.

Whatever the reason you’re interested in solar, the America’s Got Solar Team has put together the resources to help you understand your options and make smart solar decisions.

On this site, you’ll get answers to common questions like “how much do solar panels cost”, “are solar panels worth it,” “how does the solar tax credit work,” and more.

You’ll also find a free search tool where you can look up solar installers in your area who can help you with your solar project. We also offer tools to help you compare quotes from top-rated local solar panel installers.

We are passionate about solar power and its future and are happy that you found our site! There are a lot of benefits to going solar that make it an excellent option for many homeowners. So check out the FAQs, search tool and other information here and see if it makes sense for you to go solar!